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Monday, January 21, 2013

Announcement soon

III Arms Company should have an announcement up in the next week or so regarding 'internal' business.

Internal or not, it's something that the world needs to know to placate any 'yer bullshittin us' claims folks have thrown at us. It will be something that many folks have told us could not be accomplished.

Guess what?  All we heard from them was 'Blah, blah, blah' since they didn't have anything intelligent to say. The world CAN and DOES operate without their approval.

But, to make sure the extra nails are driven deeply into those coffins, and there is no question to our authenticity, milestones like this are going to be highlighted in living color, right here for the world to see.

There will be some other administrivia as well, but it will just detail our commitment to our customers.

Good or bad, the customers, friends and supporters of III Arms deserve nothing less than our full disclosure on things that can be fully disclosed.   Things that affect our public image, and product availability and shipping times are in that category.

Business secrets, production numbers, profit margins, internal data are not, and I hope you understand that.

If you don't, go search Google...I'm sure that you can find everything you need from it....some reporters do. It's the best source of authentic and trustable information there is today. Abraham Lincoln said so!

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