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Thursday, December 13, 2012

We're working....

Few items keeping us from posting much as of late. Lining up suppliers, administrivia, getting equipment and tooling ready for the real work that lies ahead. A 'new to us' plaque and sign engraver in the shop has been retrofitted with new controls, new software and will take it's spot as a small scale CNC 3 axis mill for prototyping wax and aluminum models. It can be used to mill AR lowers when the time comes, but 1 a week will be a bit slow for anything substantial.  Oh....it can still be used as an engraver.

We've got the Facebook III Arms Company Camo-Job winner's shotgun in the shop. There will be a few photo's coming soon of it. It's going to be a bit of a late Christmas present for the owner. I may wait to link up the pictures, so he doesn't lose the surprise aspect of it. I have a feeling he's going to be happy with it.

We're working on a post about the legal aspect of guns and ownership within the walls of The Citadel....what is legal and what isn't. Even though we'll be behind our own walls, the laws of the land still stand....at least until they don't. At that point, common sense will reign supreme. Until that point, though, we're still subject to BATFE rules and regs on who, what, when, where and why of firearms ownership.  I'll do my best to give the skinny on what our legal requirements as a manufacturer are, what constitutes legal transfers between Citadel residents. More in/out of state requirements for the sale of firearms for those 'just visiting' and find something shiny that they want to take home with them.

Biggest part of our uncharacteristic silence though.... Since the III Arms Company is a separate, yet integral part of The Citadel, we've been assisting with getting them up and rolling as well. Agreements and websites being proofread, polishing legalese, making sure our public face is a face you can take home to mom and dad. Our forum is being hit, and hit hard with inquiries, both positive and negative. We've been linked from several locations, none more substantial than Mr. Rawles Survival Blog.

We've got 2 construction management guys in our midst that know the ins and outs of building things, a world class planned community designer just dropped in to offer his assistance (how often does THAT happen???!!!), a web designer, some legal experts, and a cast of many who just came together to make this work.  We've even had a detractor in the local area near we've been looking 'accidentally' plug our cause with the locals, and his obnoxiousness actually brought a lot of rell received publicity to our cause. Once the internals come out, and we can share just how many folks have arrived within our midst at the exact moment without ever being asked to show up....well...we'll leave that for the book. Most folks are going to have it labeled as fiction, cause this type of cooperation only happens in fairy tales.

Some of you might imagine that a small project measuring in the thousands of dollars can be a bit overwhelming. For someone who's never experienced it, it can be. A simple roof job is more than just replacing the roof, though.

For you, the customer, your only concern is the work and paying for it at the end. For the guys/gals doing it, it's years of work gettting the business to where you can work that roof.
Business applications, permits, licenses, insurances, bonds....all taking days/weeks/months to get in place and ready.
Tools, equipment, employees, SKILLED employees, management, all required before you start swinging hammers. 
Add to that dues, unions, trade organizations, and all the rest of the Bravo Sierra .gov organizations and miniscule rules that prevent you using company "A's" superior product because company "B" knew the right rulemaker in your area, and he want's you to use his product.

One of our friends in the comments section mentioned a minimum of  a few million JUST in the exterior walls. Wow...I'd love to see A wall built for that cost. Figure 20 times that amount at going prices. Concrete $120-$150 a yard, 10' thick wall, 20' tall, 5280' long....$5ish million then multiply it by 4 walls..... we got $25M just in the exterior wall. A 5' thick wall is $3M each side for $12-13M.  Even tip up 12" walls are about $1M each. I can tell you though, this is NOT a 12" tip-up wall kinda place.

This doesn't include all the surveying work, permitting, licensing and licensed professionals hired before we even GET to the point of clearing the land to build the wall. Does the local infrastructure permit that type of activity on it's roads? Does the local batch plant even have that capacity to manufacture the 20,000 yards of concrete per wall? Another hundred thousand yards or so for the inside buildings? Architects, engineers, meetings with the local community, planning sessions....it's a long road ahead. BUT, with all the support that has come literally out of the woodwork to assist, we are well on our way to make this happen....and happen a lot sooner than anyone even imagines.

So, all the silence doesn't mean we're ignoring anything, or anyone. It just means we're getting the right people to the right spots at the right time.


  1. Yep, the road to doing ANYTHING in this country is full of road blocks, pot holes, and bandits around every curve. Pretty much what's wrong with this country today, too many middle men with their fingers in every pie. I wish y'all the best of luck.

  2. Mostly as a joke but I wonder how much Cerberus is selling Freedom Arms for? If it is a sale of conscience there might be a real opportunity there. Buying Bushmaster is something I would be willing to put my retirement nest egg towards.

  3. Okay, first of all, I have to be honest, I'm not sure if I'm really excited about the news of this type of community moving in next door, lets face it, 3 or 4 thousand people with the mindset lets say like "Ravenwood", would be really bad for the entire county. However, on the excited side, it would give me great comfort to know there were large numbers of families who were like minded in many of the same areas as my family. I will pray for the latter.
    Okay, now that is out of the way, I am a small contractor in this area, and it would be a privilege to be of assistance at some point during your project. Having read through much of your material, I thought it might be handy for you to know, that the local concrete plant has been up for sale for years. An investment of this type might save you millions and even if that were not the direction, I'm sure Tucker (the owner) would be willing to work out a pretty fantastic deal on the price per yard for a customer who would keep him busier than he has ever been. I'm sure with the right feet on the ground in the area, you will be able to make great progress toward this projects completion.