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Monday, November 19, 2012

III Arms: Please help promote III Arms!

III Arms has a flyer ready to go!

Please help us promote the company as well as Liberty.  We believe in Liberty and Free Enterprise, and that in helping us become known in the shooting world, you should be rewarded as well. 

We ask that you print copies of the flyer (glossy paper looks best, but plain paper and greyscale is fine, if you don't have a color printer) and deliver them to your local gun shops - even the shops you don't give your dollars.  Put your first name and initial of your last name on the flyer.  When that shop orders ARs or 1911s from III Arms, our staff will ask for the name on the flyer and you will earn $50 for every firearm that shop buys from III Arms, forever!

$50 per AR or 1911, over years of sales, could turn into significant extra revenue for you and help with preps or anything else you need.  Get your buddies and family to purchase through the shop, and earn the commission.  And what if your buddy or family member chooses to order online directly from III Arms?  Have them give your name, and III Arms will cut you a check!

Help us and help yourself at the same time.  In the end, we all win, and so does Liberty.

No emailing the flyer!  We don't want shops getting spammed.

Here's the link for the flyer.  (Note: The toll-free number is expected to go live any time between now and the 29th.  If you drop these flyers by your local shops, just tell them the phone line is coming and they can reach Miller through the website)

Yours in Liberty.



  1. The flyers are really nice. As soon as I can drive, I'll be taking some out to the shops. Thanks for the generous offer too, btw!

  2. Great looking flyer, Miller. Looks like I need to get an ink cart for the ye olde printer. :)

  3. If I'm lucky enough to get some sales, I'd prefer doing it to advance our cause and not receive a stipend.

  4. I would rather distribute these the day your line is hot, so I'm sure you'll let us know and thanks.

  5. I'll distribute these to the gun shops around here! P

    1. Printed and in the truck ! A suggestion : The 800 # at the top is a little unclear. What digits do you dial after 855 ?

  6. Hmm, I'm gonna make some fancy glossy ones. Then make a sheet out of them. Then lie on it. THEN take them too the gun stores.