III Arms Company exists to help Liberty survive by dedicating revenue to build a community of Patriots, by Patriots, for Patriots. You can find us in the Citadel, Idaho. More than 40 American Patriots joined together to form III Arms and to build solid firearms with a purpose: Fighting Arms to defend Liberty.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Rifle Friday!

Let's make a Patriot's statement on Black Friday.

Black Rifle Friday!

December 6th marks 1 month of taking orders for III Arms.  We are 7 orders short of our first monthly goal.  We have 14 days to make up those 7 orders, and we'd love them all to be ARs!

You know you need another one.  You know your son or daughter needs a personalized Black Rifle, hand built by Miller at III Arms.  ;)

And remember, III Arms is not a for-profit company.  All proceeds go to the Citadel Project, to help build a bastion of Liberty for us all.

We need just seven more orders, folks. 

Order here.


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