III Arms Company exists to help Liberty survive by dedicating revenue to build a community of Patriots, by Patriots, for Patriots. You can find us in the Citadel, Idaho. More than 40 American Patriots joined together to form III Arms and to build solid firearms with a purpose: Fighting Arms to defend Liberty.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

III Percent Society is live


Thursday, July 17, 2014

While we wait

...for slides, we've been taking care of some additions to the machinery.
CNC has a new cabinet around it. It started out with a little piece of 8x30" plexiglas as a splash shield. With the 4th axis installed, it's not usable. Meaning anything you cut sprays everywhere. A full half of the mill is no covered with aluminum extrusion and 1/4" plexiglass 24" tall. Sliding plexi' door on the front, and everything else (sides, front's) raises up 8" to get to the chips. Remote mount, Emergency Power Off, Start and Power buttons are in as well. Those will get installed once the wiring gets here. Need nearly 250' of wire to get it all done. But we won't have to reach across everything through the window to turn it on/off and hit the ohshit button.

There are over 2500 5.56 empties at the processors tonight. They'll be decapped, swaged, sized, trimmed and cleaned in a large ultrasonic bath. I'll have a bunch to reload once the new pistols are done. Then on to .308, .40, .45 and maybe a few thousand 9mm. Be nicer to have everything loaded and not setting in bins like it has for years. 

Other than that, we've prepared a special Minuteman AR to have run through it's paces at a 'meet' in PA in a few weeks. That, along with a bunch of ammo and mags and instructions to run the hell out of it. I hope to get some blurry face videos of some folks beating one of the Minuteman rifles. That, along with some still shots, will head into the summer adverts. 

Once the slides get here (special order, of course) we start building pistols again. One of them isn't spoken for, so it you want it, let me know. You could be running your very own 1911 by the end of September if you did. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

III Percent Society

Who are they?
What are they trying to do?
How do we trust them?
Why should we trust them?
What can we do to help them?

I've pressed flesh with each and every one of them. I've looked in their eyes and heard them speak from their heart. If there’s any bullshit in place, it’s coming from those who have never met any of these folks.  Preconceived notions….uh…yeah…ain't gonna fly here. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to those you describe yourself as a Patriot to.  Anything else, not meeting these folks when you get the chance…just makes you out to be a lying sack of shit.  Yeah, I said it. You want to hold on to your belief that Sam et.al. is trying to scam you, well, all you get to choose is what size sack of shit you are. If you don’t have the balls to meet and discuss….L or XL are your options.

The questions above….who are they? True Patriots, people who believe in a country your grandparents probably fought to keep. Your parents, maybe. But for you….that’s still up in the air. Stop the silly shit, think for yourself for a change. Meet these folks when you can. Make your own opinion, because if you haven’t met them….it’s your opinion and not fact.  By all means, keep your opinion, but be prepared to be called out that you’re full of shit. Excuse me….your opinion is not based on fact.

What are they trying to do? Lend credibility, financial and critical hands on support when needed. I keep hearing the NRA used as a comparison. As an organization that garners resources, and maintains financial and political might and occasionally the will to use it…I’ll go with that. As an organization, the NRA does just that. There are a lot of things the NRA does not do (give a shit about your rights 99% of the time ain't one of them unless it’s financially warranted…and yes, I can prove that without a doubt) but they do push their agenda.*  The III Percent Society, given time, will push their agenda as well.  Our agenda?  Restore Rightful Liberty AGAIN in our time. And we will not stop until it's reached, and maintained.

How do we trust them? Simple.  Besides the obvious legal requirements that are being MET, organizational requirements per Idaho Secretary of State for businesses, and the national visibility that this type of decision brings with it….there are no other options except remaining valid and legal. Most of us would like to stay out of jail. Some of us would like to remain out of jail. Others have a reputation above reproach. DTG? MasonDixon? WRSA? Al? Go up to any of them, shake their hand, look them in the eye and call them a liar, cheat or fraud. I promise you that most of them will ask you why you said that….once. At that point, it’s up to you to figure out your next statement. Honest men won’t even debate you on your opinion based on anything other than the facts. Hell…we’ll just walk away. Simply because if we have to ask you that question first, you don’t have a clue what the answer is.  Have a nice day, thank you for your time.

Why should we trust them? Simply because no one else has had the balls to do it. Lots of people have spent their entire life trying to prevent any organization from existing…to go as far as actively preventing organization of a III% or Patriot style association of members. Do you not think that, given their “popularity” and their ‘connections’ and “legendary” status in this group, an organization could be formed?  Why not?  Considering their “massive involvement” over the last few decades….and not one single organizational step taken?  Seriously? WTF?  All this reach I keep hearing….none of it did any good? Just go, speak, and collect your check? (or don’t speak, and still collect your check... if you can stomach it) Enough folks….just enough. If no one wants to step up and take that lead….well….we’re gonna change that. 

Someone HAS finally stepped up. Someone HAS taken steps to organize. Someone has taken steps to make this completely legal given the framework that other organizations have also had to hoop jump. That someone….like it or not….is Sam Kerodin.  You may or may not believe me….but he’s as interested in keeping this 100% legal and above board as he is about staying out of prison….as are the rest of us. This type of organization, and the BS that’s involved with keeping it on the level….you need balls to do it. Probably explains why no one has even tried before.  At least until now.

How do we help them? First off, stop with the fucking lies and rumors. Enough of the petty bullshit. Man up, if you can. (If you can’t, ask a real one to show you how)  It’s not too late.  Currently your opinion matters, but most likely only to you. If you are forcing your opinion onto someone else, well, you’re not the guy people want to hang out with.  You've all heard it….opinions are like assholes…everyone has one. Some full of nothing but hot air, most all stink, all are toothless and a lot of folks don’t want to know you have one even if you give it to them free of charge. Meet the folks involved the next change you get. PATCON’s and the like are being held all across this country. Folks are meeting, people are getting together and sorting through the rumor and the lies. Attend. Look into the eyes of whom you speak ill. Trust your gut. If you haven’t met these folks, you can truly form no opinion based on fact. None. I promise you that if you attend, you will have lost nothing. Gain, however…you will finally have facts to base your opinion on. Until then….nothing unless you have trust to tie you over until you do.

Join. Do your research, and join. You can back out if you don’t like it. Just like those other yearly dues places….American Motorcycle Association, HOG, NRA, GOA, SAF, North American Hunters Club, Handyman Club….if you don’t like it, quit. Don’t send in your dues for year 2. It doesn't mean you don’t ride a motorcycle, own guns, give a shit about your rights or don’t hunt. Means nothing other than you don’t want to be a part of a group of folks who have banded together, folks with a common interest, folks who are putting their support behind others that are trying to make a difference. The more people who join, the more difference we make, the faster we grow.

Donate. You can donate without being a member. Donate some cash/ food/ammo/equipment to the TOC. Donate some cash, advertising space, printed swag for distribution within the III Percent Society. Hell, discount 10-20% off whatever you build or supply…that’s a hell of a show of support that will probably do nothing more than increase your sales.

Spread the word. If you see what you like, tell someone. Send them a link, write about it, tell your office friend, your drinking buddy, the guy behind the gun shop counter. That guy you think is fully batshit crazy, guy wearing the flags all the time, the guy you know who used to serve in the armed forces. Tell those you meet about an organization that wants nothing more than to return to common sense. Let them make the journey, find out the facts on their own.

If you want to continue to be the guy who spouts off fiction instead of fact…I promise you very shortly you will be the odd man out. As with III Arms Company (how's that crow taste boys?), we are for real. We are going to grow faster than you’d ever dreamed of. We are going to be a force that will make organizations wary of our presence. We are going to take back this country. One barrier, one Bundy Ranch, one innocent family at a time. We are the III Percent Society, and we are coming soon to a city near you. 

(notice I do not mention 'Oathkeepers' and several other organizations....there's a reason. If you have to ask, you will not believe me. Research it on your own, make your own decisions. I'm hesitant to mention the NRA. They are NOT what you think they are, but they are good at organizing a group of like minds....that is the intent of comparison)

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Spent the day in DC yesterday with family and friends.
2yr anniversary of a rebirth.
Good day.

Also realized we are doomed as a society as we are currently configured.
What I saw around 'town' yesterday, what I heard, what I felt....
.....it ain't gonna last much longer.

Don't need radar.
Don't need anything other than common sense to forecast it.
You just know.

There's a storm coming.
And it's gonna be bad.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Here we go again....

Looks like a busy summer.
You DO have your order in.....right?

Why not?

(2 of those are .45...one 'might' be a .40S&W)

Monday, June 2, 2014

And, we're back!

We're back!

Photo's when I get  the paint dry enough to stand on.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

While I can argue with their blatant trademark violation and the subsequent middle finger directed towards III Arms, I can NOT argue with this. Read it, understand what today is really about. Understand that unless you have been there, you do not have the privileged (let alone the right) of anything other than respect for those who have.

TO: Whom It May Concern
FROM: Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor
SUBJ: Memorial Day
DATE: May 26, 2014
Today, we take time to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our once great country.  An ungrateful land filled with recitals and incantations that have long lost their meaning.  A land where those very same heroes who fight in her defense are labeled as domestic terrorists.
Today, take time to really think about the sacrifices that were made. Take time to imagine what it’s like to be covered in the blood of one of your brothers. Imagine picking up the torn pieces and entrails of his body, one by one, and stuffing them into a sleeping bag so that at least his body can make it home to be buried by his wife and two daughters. To pick up the small bible that he carried in his pocket for luck and not be able to turn a single page because his blood has drenched and stuck them together. Take time to really ponder what it is like to dream every night of the blood dripping off your hands into the sand as you watch a young boy, barely in his teens, die in his father’s arms. Take time to wonder at what it feels like to come home and explain to a friend’s mother the events surrounding her son’s death, to look her in the face and watch her tears as she hears your story. Take time to really think about wiping a friend’s brain matter from your shirt. Feel helpless, as you learn of your friends committing suicide one by one till the deaths of those who have taken their own lives after the war overtakes the number of those who died in the war. Take time! Really take time to think.
What was it all for? Our brothers, our sons, our friends and our loved ones, their corpses even now rot in the land of ungrateful wretches such as us. We have allowed their sacrifice to be mooted by an overbearing tyrannical government that has enslaved us. What hubris is it on our part to thank a veteran for their service while we sit by and watch the very thing that they fought for be trampled and trivialized? The very word freedom has become a meaningless cliché used by politicians to further their own political agenda! How dare we. How dare we.
Mourn your dead land of the free! Mourn your dead! These sacrifices are not trivial. These men did not die in a pleasant romantic way. For what? For our own people to give away the very thing that could possibly justify their sacrifice? How selfish and self-righteous are we to recite the pledge of allegiance as if it is merely words without meaning? How many of us have taken an oath to uphold and defend The Constitution yet we sit back and do nothing as our Constitution is ripped asunder?
To my friends in the Federal Government: You have sworn an oath to The Constitution of The United States of America. Perhaps, you should do some real soul searching on who your master is and what your actions really are. If you are ordered to do something that is unconstitutional, it is your duty to refuse.
To those I saw die in combat: I promise you, I will not forget you. I will do my best to honor your sacrifice. I will remember my oath, I will remember.

Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor